RFP Website Redesign Contract

Jan. 16, 2019



16 January 2019


Ontario Water Polo (OWP) is the non-profit governing body for the sport of water polo in Ontario, and is a member of Water Polo Canada, the national association. This request for proposals (RFP) seeks a full-service redesign and redevelopment of OWP’s corporate website.




To redesign and redevelop the website located at www.ontariowaterpolo.ca with an eye towards user-friendly design for our audience of Ontario water polo clubs, athletes and their families; that will leverage tournament content, photography, and social media; and allow us to efficiently share water polo program information, documents, tournament schedules and results, policies, and strategies; on a platform that is accessible and usable by our team of volunteer staff.

A full assessment of the current website has been completed, with a suggested strawman and list of content and proposed changes, is available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7chnX7amjtTdGhDeFhsMVppVURfc3pza2hVVk9Bc1JZUkFZ/view?usp=sharing



  • Project workback schedule to final delivery on 02 July 2019
  • Project budget outline
  • Web design wireframes for page templates
  • Web design composites for page templates
  • All web site components including content management system, images, graphics, buttons, text, forms, plugins, scripts, etc.
  • Content transfer and/or development
  • WordPress driven website 
  • Staging website for review of draft website
  • Final delivery including file transfer and implementation of website on OWP’s server.



Mission Statement:

OWP will provide leadership and support to a network of competitive and recreational clubs and programs in Ontario with our partners, in order to:

  • Promote the interests of, and participation in, water polo in Ontario.
  • Promote fun, fitness, sportsmanship, and teamwork for players of all ages and ability, coaches, officials and volunteers.
  • Develop teams that can compete and win at National Championships.
  • Develop world class athletes, coaches and officials. 

OWP Strategic Directions:

  • Lead the recruitment and training of New and Existing coaches and officials and to develop programs designed to enhance their professional qualifications.
  • Stimulate the development of new water polo clubs and programs.
  • Improve OWP’s sustainability by diversifying and expanding revenue sources and by supporting the growth and development of the OWP
  • Support the growth and development of existing OWP member clubs and affiliate programs.
  • Promote the interest of, and interest in, water polo in Ontario.
  • Develop High Performance Athletes and Provincial Teams.


A complete strategic direction for OWP can be found on our website here.



For enquiries on this RFP, or to submit a proposal, please send an email to:

Ken Tong, Board Director, Ontario Water Polo

Email: communications@ontariowaterpolo.ca



31 January2019:            RFP submissions due by end-of-day on 31 January2019 

07 February2019:          Proposals reviewed

11 February2019:          RFP awarded

12 February2019:         Contract starts

02 July2019:                 Deliverables due


6.    BUDGET

All proposals should prepare a rough budget and aspire to contain costs, as OWP is a not-for-profit organization that serves a niche audience. Budget should be inclusive of all taxes, peripheral and core expenses, and anticipated purchases of domains, plugins, collateral, and/or third-party services.